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Board of Directors

The Homeowners of Crestmont Association (HCA) is an organization established by a legally enforceable document created in 1956 called Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (CC&Rs). This document contractually binds each homeowner in Crestmont to abide by the rules laid down therein that help protect the visual integrity of the entire neighborhood of Crestmont.  Every homeowner is provided with a copy of the CC&Rs as a legal requirement of the purchase of their home.

The HCA Board of Directors consists of seventeen (14) board members. Officers include a president, a vice president, a secretary and a treasurer. Other board members include 12 block captains (one for each of the twelve zones into which Crestmont is divided) and two members at large. Various committees allow the board to run efficiently, including an Architectural Committee, Beautification Committee and Trees and Views Committee. Other committees are formed as deemed necessary to take care of specific HCA projects.
The HCA Board of Directors is tasked with watching over the neighborhood, enforcing the CC&Rs, and doing what it can to help our neighbors maintain and increase the value of their homes. Beside enforcing the CC&Rs concerning building restrictions, color choices of homes and outside maintenance, the Board has kept liquor stores, half-way houses and poorly conceived building projects out of the neighborhood, while using its efforts to bring underground utilities and other improvement into Crestmont.
The HCA Board meets on the last Monday of each month, except for December. It holds two bi-annual meetings for the entire membership, in May and November.
All homeowners are invited to attend the monthly meetings.

The Homeowners of Crestmont Association (HCA) is a non-profit volunteer organization to help maintain the visual integrity and quality of life of our neighborhood as well as support individual homeowners in the protection of their property rights and values. Every homeowner is encouraged to review the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions ("CC&Rs") upon the purchase of their home.  The CC&R’s are intended to provide each homeowner with a common understanding of HCA’s overall goals’ and objectives and are posted on this website. 

The Board of Directors is the body that carries out the duties of the Association per the CC&R’s relative to managing the business affairs, property maintenance, building requirements, restrictions enforcement and general operations of the organization.  The Directors are made up of HCA members and are volunteers.  They have a fiduciary responsibility to the membership and create policies per guidelines of the CC&Rs.  Any member in good standig is eligible to stand for election as a Director.

The HCA Board of Directors consists of up to seventeen (17) board members.

Officers Include:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Other board members may be District Directors representing one of the twelve districts/blocks that make up the Homeowners of Crestmont Association, or Directors at large.

Various committees and task groups assisting the Board include the following:

  • Architectural and Views Committee
  • Beautification Committee
  • Events Committee
  • Newsletter Committee
  • Real Estate Liaison
  • Security Committee
  • Website Committee

Other committees may be formed as deemed necessary to take care of specific HCA projects.  Committee members are often made up of Directors but are not required to be a Director.

The HCA Board meets on the last Monday of each month, except for December. The Board also holds two bi-annual meetings for the entire membership, in May and November, to which all members are encouraged to attend.