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Intervention Group, Inc.

Intervention Group is proud to serve you effective February 1, 2014!






Your benefits include:

  • Unlimited calls during patrol hours
  • Vacation Watch service
  • Home Alarm response with IGI officer inspection
  • Monthly security reports including OPD statistics (distributed by Crestmont designee)
  • Incident reports on significant security issues within Crestmont (distributed by designee)


    Intervention Group maintains a database of enrolled homeowners for identification and contact purposes. This information will remain confidential but is needed for your safety and emergency response delivery. Please complete the CONFIDENTIAL HOMEOWNERS OF CRESTMONT RESIDENT INFORMATION FORM (this and other IGI forms may be found on the Documents section of the website) and return immediately to an IG Patrol Officer or mail to:


    Nathan Cook, IGI General Manager, P.O. Box 28521, Oakland, CA, 94604


    Any questions, contact Nathan Cook at (510) 502-9653;

    Intervention Group also provides monthly incident reports. You may view these reports here.

    The HCA membership last voted to approve the IGI contract in November 2022, extending it through early 2026. The vote had 101 valid ballots, with 90 votes in favor.

    IGI Ballot Certification Nov 2022