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Welcome to the

Homeowners of Crestmont Association


On behalf of the Homeowners of Crestmont Association, we'd like to welcome you to our  website. All of us who live here know that Crestmont is a beautiful place to live. With parkland bordering the upper boundaries, great amenities like the Chabot Space and Science Center and Woodminster Theater nearby, and abundant neighborhood shopping, dining, recreation and services, and of course excellent views, Crestmont homeowners have found the the area to be invigorating and rewarding.

This site has been created to provide an efficient forum for communication among the homeowners and the Board of Directors of the Homeowners of Crestmont Association (HCA). The Board encourages all members of the association to assist us in making this site as informative and useful as possible. To that end, we invite your comments and suggestions. Please use the e-mail links incorporated throughout this website to submit questions, concerns, suggestions or news you would like to share with other homeowners. Working together with you, our fellow homeowners, we believe that we can make this web site a valuable resource for all of us.